Smiling Young Group

A cohesive community is one where:

(Source: Local Government Association et al (LGA, 2002))

Strong Relationships
Similar Opportunities
Appreciate Diversity
Common Vision

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of having a positive community structure around us.   Through sharing our stories, we bring people together and create a stronger and more resilient network; we support those who are struggling; and we tackle the impacts of the virus on our mental wellbeing and physical environment, together.

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Smiling Young Group
Empathetic Woman Listening
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Man Speaking With Notes

We learn about others.  We meet people we might not have ordinarily met in our daily lives.  We celebrate our humanness  and commonalities.  We respect and listen to one another.   We identify lessons learnt and insights gained into life experiences.  We develop and grow.  We show how our narrative illustrates truths about ourselves.

The common thread between the stories is how we prevail and overcome.  We take on life together.