I'm here because I was given a butterfly! What's that all about?

You may have met us out and about in the city – and possibly been given a colourful butterfly with a message of encouragement.

We’re handing these out as a little reminder that transformation is possible for everyone, not matter how hard life seems.

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What is Touch Network?

Touch Network exists to spread hope in Southampton. We run real-life storytelling events where ordinary people share their stories of struggle and challenge. These stories are real and honest, hopeful and positive, with a focus on resilience and overcoming.

All of this helps boost mental wellbeing and combat isolation in Southampton.


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If receiving a butterfly was a meaningful moment for you, will you donate to help make our work possible?

We don’t charge for storytelling events as we never want cost to be a barrier for anyone coming along. But this means we need support from our community.

Will you donate to help spread stories of hope in Southampton?

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