Tables Talking

Our Events.

We’re big picture thinkers. We want storytelling to become the beating heart of our city.

Our vision is to enable storytelling events to take place in every neighbourhood across our city, to bring people together both in person and through an online community, sharing stories, creating connection and inspiring hope.

We want to empower our community to articulate their own story.  Take ownership of it.  See the positives and recognise their courage.  Together, we want to create memories.  Social events where people are encouraged to believe in themselves and given the confidence to deal with tomorrow and the next day, and whatever life throws at them.

We do life, together.

Group Blossoming

NHS and Social Care.

We believe a consistent approach to recognising and using storytelling across NHS and Social Care can bring about systems change. Our approach helps practitioners support those experiencing struggles with mental wellbeing through sharing and listening to stories. We’ve found this to harness respect and value between practitioners and those using services.

Storytelling creates a platform for voices to be heard, and lives to be improved.

Man Thinking Health