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Our Story.

Touch was founded by Debs Carter.  After a difficult childhood, Debs spent the majority of her teenage years in and out of mental health hospitals.

During this challenging time, Debs attended a community hospital where she built friendships with others in similar situations. The experience of hearing other people’s stories unlocked Debs to be able to share her own story, and was the key factor in her recovery.


In 2015, Debs shared her mental health recovery story via a book sent through the post to 150 people.  She invited others to also share their stories and held a successful one-off event in a small coffee shop in Southampton.

Through this event, Debs became aware of the need for real-life storytelling in her neighbourhood, and in 2016, Touch was born.

Debs has come a long way with her depression and manages it well now. She focuses now on the mission of telling stories and touching lives!   She often speaks about her long road to wellness and the power of storytelling at conferences and events.

Please feel free to get in touch with Debs if you would like to invite her, or another one of our storytellers,  to speak at your event on [email protected].

Debs Speaking