Read letters from the project.

Finding the right career, bereavement, sexuality, bullying, faith, relationships, parenting, exercise, shyness…

You’ll find all of these stories and more in this collection of letters from the 100 Letters project. Moving and inspiring, these letters are a testament to the strength that we can all find in ourselves, and the amazing way that we can grow and change in the course of our lives.

If you haven’t sent in your letter yet, it’s not too late! We can still add it to the booklet. See below to find out how you can be part of the project.

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Why letters?

Touch Network began with a letter. In 2015, Debs Carter wrote down her own story of overcoming severe depression, and sent it through the post to her friends, contacts and even some celebrities. She was amazed by the response, and invited others to also share their stories at a one-off event in a small coffee shop in Southampton. 

Eight years and 100 events later, Touch has helped more than 260 people share their stories of getting through tough times. 

Debs Speaking

What should I put in my letter?

‘Dear younger self…’

Everyone has a story of overcoming a challenge in their life, whether it’s big or small. What do you wish your younger self knew about who you are now, and what you’ve overcome?

In your letter, you can share something challenging that happened to you, how you got through it, and what you’ve learned as a result.  Express yourself however comes naturally to you! Maybe you want to write a poem, share a picture with words, or send us something completely unexpected?

We’d love stories about a wide range of topics, with a common thread of hope, resilience and positivity.

If you like, you can use the reflection questions below to help you get started, Or our team would love to help you write your letter – email [email protected].

When you send your letter, let us know:

  • If you would rather it wasn’t shared anywhere
  • If you’d rather it was only shared anonymously
  • Your contact details, if you’re happy for us to get in touch with you
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How do I send my letter? .

There are a few ways to get your letter to us.