Our Team

Debs Carter (Founder and Director)

Debs CarterHaving had her own battle with severe depression over many years, Debs was able to recover, partly through hearing others stories. Since recovering, Debs has run her own business as a charity freelancer helping charitable organisations to grow, develop and design a service that their users need and want. Debs has recently returned from maternity leave having had a beautiful baby girl Emily. Debs is married to Phil and lives in Southampton.

Clare Canning (Facilitator)

Clare is passionate about bringing people together, and creating safe spaces for people to be open, and is excited to be a part of Touch Network. Having both lived with mental illness and worked in mental health services for many years, Clare has an understanding of the challenges that a journey towards recovery may bring. Clare lives in Southampton with her husband, Matt, and their two daughters.

Hannah Morgan (Events Organiser)

Hannah Morgan

Hannah has a background in youth work – working with children and young people at risk of offending and who have different challenges in school. More recently she has been a stay at home mum to her 2 young children. Hannah is involved in Touch because she gets so excited about hearing people’s stories, she describes each one of them as unique and inspiring and says she never fail to learn something from them.

Caoimhe Creed (Writer)

Caoimhe CreedCaoimhe is thrilled to be part of the Touch Network project and was the writer for the very first story Touch published. Caoimhe writes fiction and non-fiction. She is based in Dublin and maintains a blog at www.caoimhecreed.wordpress.com
Caoimhe is a facilitator for a Young Writer’s Group she founded in Dublin Castle, where she works, and she has previously written for online magazine Planet Ivy.


Sam Goold (Speaker Supporter)

samSam told his story at the Touch event in Southampton on 29th September 2016. Sam describes this as a really positive emotional experience for him and when Debs asked if he wanted to help, he gladly volunteered. Sam has a partner, two daughters and is a community worker.