Storytelling Celebration Events

Celebrating our stories!

We run storytelling celebration nights in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other interesting and sociable places! Often wine and nibbles are part of the ticket price and we invite local communities to come and have a different kind of good night out where they can connect with real life stories.

Usually there are four speakers, talking for 10-20 minutes each about how they have, or are, overcoming personal struggles such as managing mental health difficulties, balancing family life, coping with the loneliness, dealing with grief, facing gender issues or cultural challenges and much more. Speakers are supported to focus on the good things about their story, such as what they learnt or how they moved forward.

All stories are intended to be real and honest, but also are hopeful and positive with a focus on overcoming, so if you come to an event you can expect to come away feeling touched and inspired!

We are very grateful to the Big Lottery Fund for the grant they have given us towards running some of our events. 


We will update this page soon with dates of our next Storytelling Events on Zoom.