Can you tell me the weirdest thing you believed as a child? 

That my mum wasn’t my real mum! I used to think (and tell people) that she found me in a bush. I don’t look anything like her or my siblings. I look more like my dad’s side of the family. I was also convinced that Tim Henman was James Bond (Pierce Brosnan). I didn’t know where he got the time to play tennis AND save the world!

 What’s your job title at Touch, and how long have you worked here? 

I am an Event Champion at Touch. I started working here in May 2021.

What does a day in your job look like? 

There’s normally lots of emails to check! But before that I need coffee. My days vary. I might be working with the other Event Champions get ready for our next exciting storytelling event. Or checking out potential venues or speakers. I usually touching base with my lovely colleagues at cafes, online or in the office. When I work from home, I’m usually managed by my crazy cats Lemon and Zelda.

Holly 1 Cat As Jpeg

 It’s Monday morning (or whenever your working week starts!) – what makes you excited to get out of bed? 

Normally one of the cats gets me out of bed because they want feeding. I get very excited knowing that the small things I do day-to-day can have positive impacts on people’s lives. I also get excited listening to new horror film podcasts while I work.

 What helps you when you’re having a bad day? 

My friends are my saviours. Speaking to them about how I’m feeling or talking about silly things really helps. Naps are also vital. Planning something fun to do helps me so I have something to look forward to, like going to a gig, the cinema or a holiday.

Holly 3

What have you done in your life that you’re most proud of?  

I am very proud of being able to support charities, local communities and people in general really. I use my voice and privilege to support those who need to be heard. Being able to do this brings me immense pride. I have been doing this through hosting donation events, sharing information on social media platforms and refusing to be silent. I’m also very proud of being able to recite The Lord of the Rings trilogy extended editions word for word.

And finally: What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten? 

I remember it so vividly. It was a pulled brisket sandwich with gherkins and onion from a small deli in Toronto, Canada. I hadn’t eaten or slept for a long time and had gotten off a flight from Havana. I got a bit emotional, may or may not have cried into the sandwich. The lovely server was a bit concerned. My friend assured him I was fine, just hungry.

Holly 2