Organisation Membership

We hope you find enough information on the website to get a feel for who we are and what we are passionate about.

We are looking for organisations who share our vision to partner and facilitate events with us, for their communities – be that within a Business, University, Charity, Housing Project, College, Church, or any other place where people get together. 

We will support you to run your own Touch Events to get people in your community really talking. There are huge benefits of real life storytelling to those who tell their stories and those who listen, and also in bringing communities together. 

While we have a membership package with flexible costs, enabling all sizes of organisations to get involved, all members will benefit from: 

  • Access to our Touch Network bespoke elearning programme
  • Support for every event speaker and organiser
  • Regular facebook/zoom meet ups
  • Online community of peers
  • How to run a Touch Network event handbook

Please contact us, using the contact page, to request our full membership brochure.