Group Embrace

We’re open to many different stories focused on overcoming or moving forward with something in your present, or your past.

To date, we’ve had stories of overcoming grief, self-harm, depression, bipolar disorder, shyness, perfectionism, cultural barriers and much, much more, such is the varied fabric of life!  Talking about life’s challenges is good for all of our mental wellbeing.

The prompt questions below will help you frame your story in a way that focuses on moving forward, so that you can offer hope and inspiration to others.

If you would rather not fill in the webform, let’s find a different way to explore your story. You could email us, arrange a phone call (07769 464 267), or leave us a voice note. Everyone communicates differently, and we will find the way that works best for you.

Share your story at a local event.

If you are interested in sharing your story at a neighbourhood event in Southampton, please email [email protected] with a brief outline of your overcoming journey.  Kate will respond to you as soon as possible and may organise a call with her, or a colleague to discuss your story further.

All speakers will receive support and coaching from one of our team. You have approximately 20 minutes to talk and we’ll make sure we chat with you afterwards to celebrate and share how it felt to hit a vulnerability milestone.

You can also get in touch via our web form to express an interest in sharing your story at a neighbourhood event.