Live a Good Story

Live A Good Story is a group of fellow travellers receiving support and input, meeting monthly through the year as we each seek to live a better story.

We all want to live a better story, and Live a Good Story is all about getting small group of pro-active people together to think, dream, reflect and go through the year together as we each seek to live good stories, it’s all about moving forward.

From moving forward with personal relationships to sharing creativity, from moving forward with a money situation to moving forward with a long standing project/business idea – it’s the wonderful mixture of people and their stories that makes the Live a Good Story programme inspirational.

Touch Network is working together with Share Your Story, to bring it to Southampton and our first group began in January 2018.

What does it look like? 

Live a Good Story groups consist of 8-12 people, and start with an all-day workshop, where people are supported, through guided exercises,  to reflect on past and present stories in their life. The group work together, and listen and encourage eachother as they support and reflect on their personal story. The workshop then moves on to thinking about what will help us live good stories in the coming year. Through facilitated exercises we start to sketch out what storyline each of us want to live – what do each of us want to move forward with….why do we want to move forward with this….and most importantly….how. Together we will identify practical and actionable steps to get started.

We then meet monthly for coffee. In this time everyone has a chance to check in and share a bit about how they’re doing. There is no pressure to ‘achieve’ (or even to stick with the same idea!) or to present perfection and you’ll be encouraged to share your challenges as well as your successes.

Each month we think through a different theme and also have a chance to either go through a reflective or practical exercise as a group, designed to help participants move forward in their stories. These times offer a chance to build relationships, get an arm round the shoulder or a friendly kick up the backside (depending what you want/need) and a chance in the month to pause and think about where you’re heading.

At the end of the year we then get together one final time for a half-day workshop looking back at the year, and thinking about future steps. This is a chance to think through our learning and any ways we have moved forward, think about what’s gone well and what we would have liked to have been different. There is a strong focus on reflection on this day, but rooted in the here and now. The aim is that the reflection that happens here propels and encourages us for another new year just around the corner.

What will I get out of it?

It’s not fancy or frilly, and we can’t promise that your life will be perfect by the end of the process, but we do believe we can help you move forward, wherever you’re at. We’ve found that reflection, intentional thinking/planning, honesty, action and, crucially, meaningful relationships make a pretty powerful and beautiful mix.

This group is not about telling you how to live life or giving you step-by-step instructions, instead it is about empowering and equipping you to think things through and take those steps yourselves. Living a good story is meant to be challenging, and positive change is nearly always difficult. But we think that travelling this road together makes things that little bit easier.

What do people say?

“I can’t recommend this enough. It’s probably the best piece of personal development I’ve invested in for a long time. Been on an amazing journey with a brilliant group of people, had loads of space for reflection, growth – it’s been a real gift! It’s super cheap, for anyone and pretty life affirming. Seriously, if you’re looking for something you’d like to do to explore yourself; to think deeper about your path; to meet people; to build in reflection space, then consider getting yourself on this course!” Alex

“Live a Good Story came up for me during a time of big change in my life. I have really appreciated the gentle safety net and the feeling of accountability regarding my plans. I have wavered and strayed from my goals but I am generally heading in the right direction. LAGS is a unique concept where you benefit from the group ideas and support as well as Dave’s thought provoking activities and genuine desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams.” Sarah

“A year ago my husband and I moved back to Sussex with the intention of living more creatively and with more of a sense of community around us than we had done in the years before. We decided to do Live a Good Story to help us achieve those aims: to have some accountability and to hopefully meet some interesting new people. My hopes have been more than realised! The initial day was a great way to get started, to reflect and be open with each other in a safe space. Even if life and our initial plans didn’t go how we expected, more than anything it’s been encouraging and affirming to note and share progress, challenges and changes along the way. Best of all I’ve made some great friends that I look forward to journeying with beyond this year.” Katrina


If you are an earlybird, the cost is £145, after this it is £195. We are able to offer a limited number of people a discounted price if finances are a limitation to getting involved (email Debs for more info about this [email protected]) – we don’t want money to be a barrier to people.


The first group began with a workshop in January 2018, in Southampton. If you would like to be part of our next group, please email [email protected]

We’re excited!

We’re so excited for the year ahead and for the small band of us who will go on this journey together. On a personal level I know that those of us on the team are looking forward to adventuring together through the ups and downs, building bonds and moving together towards living better stories. Make the stuff that matters happen in 2018. Find community. Make progress on your journey. Take your first positive step now, and join us for Live a Good Story.

Our First Live a Good Story Group