Why are we asking for donations?

We’re asking for your support to help us to run social events and storytelling celebration events across Southampton and eventually beyond.

What do you mean by ‘social events’?

Our social events are hosted by volunteers who are great at making people feel welcome, and who understand the importance of health and wellbeing and sharing stories. People come along to social events to talk in a positive, inspiring and uplifting way about their stories, its fun, sociable and enjoyable and makes people feel good about themselves and their life.

What are storytelling celebration events?

Real life storytelling celebration events help people talk honestly and openly about life’s struggles. Storytellers talk about depression, illness, family life, loneliness, addiction, grief, gender, culture and much more. They focus on the positives, especially the bits within their stories that make us all awesome human beings, such as, resilience, determination, self belief, support, and friendships.

We’re having a big impact with our storytelling events so far, feedback includes:


“I feel very inspired and uplifted, it has made me want to go away and

review my own story and move forward positively.”

“What a beautiful, moving and brilliant evening…was wonderful…

felt very moved and inspired by the stories and people’s vulnerability.”

“I would definitely attend again, I have been to two events and have found both inspirational,

motivating and giving me the courage I need to face things that I am struggling with.”

“It made me feel connected to others and less lonely”


What are events like?

Both types of events are held in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other sociable places. People feel relaxed and can indulge in whatever treat they might fancy, all helping to create the right atmosphere.

In our social events, people are gently supported to keep the atmosphere and discussion uplifting, positive and inspirational, focusing on sharing what’s happening in our lives. The group organiser might suggest a prompt question at the beginning such as ‘what have you done recently that you feel proud of?’, but of course, there is no pressure to answer this. It’s really just an excuse to get together, to do life together with friends and friends of friends within Touch Network.

Our celebration events are still informal and relaxed, but they are a bit different. Prior to each event, four people receive support and coaching to share their stories, from one of our team. During the event they have around 20 minutes each to talk; guests are able to sit back, relax and listen. Everyone is made to feel comfortable and only previously agreed storytellers are asked to share their story. Hosts introduce the evening, two storytellers share their stories prior to refreshments, and two storytellers afterwards. Hosts bring the evening to a close, and guests leave feeling touched and inspired. After each event the storytellers get together as a group with the Touch Network team, to celebrate and to share with one another how it felt to hit a vulnerability milestone!


What do we want to do?

We currently run regular storytelling celebration events in Portswood (Southampton). We’ve started running social events too. We’d like to increase the number of social events with well supported volunteers/hosts and also run more celebration events across Southampton and beyond!


Maybe you are keen to donate having read our plans?

WOW! That would be amazing! Thank you so much! We really appreciate your support. In order to make your donation, please click on the PayPal link below: