If you are a commissioner of health and wellbeing services, you may be interested in Touch due to its impact on health and wellbeing. Touch fits within health and wellbeing government agendas. Our experience is that sharing stories can increase self-esteem, improve inclusion and social networks and reduce stigma and ultimately promote community resilience and wellbeing.

One reason we run social events and story sharing celebration events, as well as publish story books is to generate understanding, as we believe people often feel isolated in their problems and that they are they ‘only one’. Our focus is always on hope and human resilience, which also allows for the storyteller to gain perspective on the obstacles they have overcome as well as encouraging listeners.

We seek to reduce the stigma around mental health problems by sharing real life stories and opening up conversations, enabling people to understand how common these experiences are.

If you are considering commissioning some story sharing events or workshops, Debs would love to hear from you please contact: [email protected]