Touch is all about improving lives through enabling people to ‘do life together’. Those involved with Touch listen, respect and learn from other people’s stories and sometimes choose to share their own, but of course, anyone can be involved, you don’t have to share a story! In fact, many of our guests have said events have been really helpful, positive and enjoyable, and they want to stay involved but don’t want to share a story, this is totally fine with us!

If the idea of ‘doing life together’ with others is something that appeals to you, we would love you to get involved in some way. Involvement can span from low to high commitment – depending what works for you.

You may want to tell others about Touch, host an event or workshop and invite Debs to come and facilitate. Or you might want to donate money or time, publicise us through Twitter or Facebook or read our resources to become more knowledgeable about the importance of storytelling.