What a fabulous evening!

December 2, 2016

Group of friends holding hands in unity

Our recent Evening of Live Storytelling, as ever, had a lovely atmosphere, with around 50 guests excited to hear real life stories. Paul kicked us off by telling us about his relationship with his father and how he helped him be at peace in his last days. Then Kate told us about what it is like to live with a long term health condition and how her family and a sense of hope and positivity get her through. We had a lively and buzzing break with coffee and cake for all. After that Hannah told us about what she has learnt about the importance of kindness, self care and choosing joy. Dave finished the night, telling us about how it feels to be in his 40th year and the 40 challenges he has set himself in order to recapture some ‘joie de vivre’.

We had some fabulous feedback on the night, with people telling us the evening inspired them, helped them feel less lonely and more connected and offered hope through difficult times.

Thanks so much to our wonderful storytellers, we’re looking forward to our celebration get together next week to mark our latest story sharing adventure.