Great event at Coffee #1, Southampton.

September 29, 2016

Thanks to everyone who attended and took part in the event at Coffee #1 in Southampton last Friday evening, it was great to see so many people there. For those who didn’t make it, we had a fab time, with speakers covering topics including mental wellbeing, identity and the impact of adoption on adult life. It was a very special evening with a lovely atmosphere, and of course, coffee and cake were plentiful! Thanks to our amazing speakers for all they did, and thanks to all the helpers and organisers too.


Feedback included:

“I was really surprised, perhaps I came in with preconceptions of what the evening would be but I’ve found it incredibly interesting, moving, but also felt really welcomed.”

“What an interesting, moving, and even though it’s not quite the right word, entertaining evening. So unusual and such a privilege to hear such personal stories – the honesty and bravery of the speakers was inspiring. Will come back again for sure.”

“Varied, touching, thought provoking, inspiring.”